Gail Monaghan teaches cooking classes out of her spacious loft, giving students the tools—as well as a set of printed recipes—to recreate the menu at home.

Gail and the class cook together as Gail explains every step of the process. Classes are as hands-on as you want them to be. Most students jump at the chance to chop and stir, but those who would rather watch from the sidelines learn and have a great time as well.

When the cooking is completed, Gail and the students sit around the island and eat, dinner-party style. Classes—including the meal—usually last about three hours. Anyone who has to get home can certainly leave early, but the occasional conversation has kept people enrapt until midnight.

Gail posts dates and menus for upcoming classes online.You can e-mail her at gail@gailmonaghan.comto sign up for a class or to be added to her mailing list. Gail also offers private group classes and corporate classes.If you are interested in booking a private class click here.

To register for your class contact Gail at gail@gailmonaghan.com

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