“cooking with Gail makes one lose all dread of the separating mayo, the collapsing souffle and curdled roux …….. She has a way of appealing to one’s sense of intelligence without being over- intellectual, one’s skills without dazzling, ones hopes without replacing them with saucy doubts and fears….. and the result is a delicious shifting up of gear in one’s own cooking and a taste for discovering what’s coming around the next culinary bend…… “
– Patrick Kinmonth, London and Rome-based Artist, Opera Designer, Author and (thanks to Gail) Cook!


“Gail seems to cook as effortlessly and necessarily as breathing.
And just as in life, she starts with a well-laid plan, and then teaches her students to embrace accident and improvisation as just another fortunate collaborator at the work table. I left feeling that not only did I have have a few more lifelong tricks of the trade under my toque, but memories of a moment well lived.”
– Linda Fargo, SVP-Fashion Director and Store Image, Bergdorf Goodman


“To be in Gail’s cooking class, is to be immersed in a world of free flowing, quick witted and contemporary thinking. She keeps her group of artists, writers, entrepreneurs, captivated and addicted to her classes with her disarming charm and grand style. We could be in any period, in any country eagerly anticipating the next event.”
– David Nolan, Art Dealer, David Nolan Gallery, NYC


“…It had to be one of the most spontaneous and fun things I’ve done in years. You’re a delight as a teacher and an inspiration when it comes to working with great abandon.I loved the mess But it was delicious, the company was good and I’d love to come again…”
– John Markus, Emmy-award winning writer/producer of the Bill Cosby show and executive producer of The All-Star BBQ Showdown


“Gail has an infallible “nose” for great recipes, whether classics she’s tweaked or recipes of her own creation. She knows how to make the best Caesar Salad or a perfectly roasted lamb, as well as adventurous dishes like black bean gazpacho, and Moroccan fish with chermoula, and a Lebanese chicken Fattee”
– Raul Barreneche, author of six books on modern architecture and writes on architecture and design for The New York Times, Departures, Architectural Record, and Travel and Leisure


“If I were to describe what the evening is like to someone interested in attending, I would tell them to be prepared to be surprised. It begins with hands-on cooking instructions, where the observer becomes the sous-chef. The conversation with other guests is lively as they compare their interests, in cooking and other areas. The wine education and food/wine pairing as explained by William adds a depth and complexity to the evening that would be hard to duplicate in any other environment. The end-result is a magical evening that provides an incredible dinner accompanied by perfectly paired wines.
“In the classes where participants bring their own wines, the cooking instruction and incredible scent of the preparations and conversation provides a magical combination, transforming the evening into an unforgettable event. These sessions are really like being invited into the home of a good friend for a great meal and engaging conversation. They are truly an ‘experience’”.
– Jason Dodd, founder and president of H2O Associates, a Brand Communications firm that specializes in helping clients position and market themselves in creative and memorable ways.


“Gail’s classes are a delight – they’re relaxed and merry, and everyone learns, from beginners to experienced cooks. Best of all, the dishes she’s taught us go right into our permanent rotation of favorites, because they’re always delicious and the recipes always work.”
– Beth Gutcheon, a novelist screen writer in NYC


“Gail’s class has so much personality and elan. It’s not just about cooking technique, although there’s plenty of that. It’s about the mystique of food and comraderie and how they’re as inseparable as the flour and butter in a roux.”
– Penelope McPhee, President of The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation in Atlanta


“Gail’s classes are pure pleasure! The fun of a great dinner party combined with the real experience of creating a perfect meal. Gail’s energy is infectious and her finesse is inspiring. Course after course, she makes us all believe that the preparation of great food can and should be as joyous
as the feast that follows.”
– Sara Blumberg, of Glass Past, dealers in 19th and 20th Century Italian Glass


“Gail’s classes are like a welcome vacation at the end of a hectic day… great food, fabulous culinary tips, easy-to-follow recipes, and a glass of wine or two with friends you bring or new ones you meet… can’t think of a more relaxing way to end a day!!!”
– Pamela Baxter, President/CEO of LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics Group, No America


“Gail’s knowledge of well prepared food is enormous, but what separates her from other culinary experts is her ability to appreciate and advocate simple, inclusive approaches to recipes that are accessible to all. Additionally, Gail has the uncanny ability to turn a mistake into a positive.
“Gail’s cooking classes are more like a food salon where people gather to celebrate food and converse while learning how easy & fun it is to prepare a feast!
– Randall Barone, Programming Executive of The View, ABC-TV


“Demystifying, confidence building and an all around fun experience is what Gail’s classes are. Plus a really good dinner!
“I’ve been taking Gail’s class for two years now and it’s really helped with my confidence as a cook. I’m now able to take on cooking a whole fish, or one of her over the top ‘Lost Desserts.’ My friends will all attest to the results!”
– Christopher Spitzmiller


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