Mixed Cheeses and Fresh Garlic Soufflé
Baby Greens with Truffle Vinaigrette

Pan-Seared Tenderloin of Beef

Double Tarragon Bernaise Sauce 
Crusted, Herby, Very Best and Easiest-of-All-Time Potato “Cakes”   

Haricots Verts, Asparagus, Mushroom and Green Pea Saute

Individual Brownie Baked Alaskas with Bitter Chocolate Sauce


The starter is my tried and true Parmesan, Gruyere and garlic souffle. I’ve taught it numerous times but continually get constant requests to repeat it. Usually we make individual first course (or lunch main course) souffles, but here one big souffle is cooked in a large gratin dish (providing a larger proportion of the cheese-crispy topping which seems to be what everyone likes best, and allowing the rich-though-light-as-air concoction to cook more quickly than when placed in a more vertical souffle dish). Portions are spooned out and served alongside truffled mixed greens. The ethereal qualities of the cheese and garlic pillow are set off perfectly by crisp lettuces immersed in an earthy truffle vinaigrette. Hard to beat.

This first course is followed by a crowd-pleasing classic beef tenderloin enhanced by my signature Bernaise sauce, which atypically includes (lots of) fresh tarragon. The divine Atlanta potatoes and a tasty saute of haricots verts, asparagus, mushrooms and green peas (a gorgeous, grass-green combo) showcase the beef to perfection.

And save room for dessert. Baked Alaska ties only with Fane as my favorite finale to a feast. Here this hot-cold-chewy-creamy ice cream and meringue duo sits on a double chocolate brownie instead of on the traditional white cake. And portions are individual: much more fun for the greedy to have something of one’s very own, especially at dessert time) And even the non-greedy will appreciate the bitter chocolate sauce drizzle. 

Because of the tenderloin and because the menu is more elaborate than usual (requiring extra prep time on my part), this menu will be $150 per person rather than the usual $135.

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