Caramelized Mushroom and Onion Confit Tart

Pan-Roasted Duck Breast with Apple Cider Sauce
Roasted Root Vegetables and Apples

Wine-and-Orange-Poached Pears
Toasted Almond Pound Cake

Tom Colicchio is a brilliant chef, his books and recipes are genius. I’m showcasing some of his winter dishes for the class on April 26th.

The starter–a sautéed mushroom, onion confit, and puff pastry upside-down tart–can be prepared as one big tart or in individual portions, and is absolute heaven either way.

The main course is a pan-roast of rosy-pink duck breast, served sliced over a gratin dish of golden-roasted carrots, fennel, onions, whole garlic and apples.

The entire presentation is topped with a generous drizzle of Colicchio’s signature Apple Cider Sauce…with extra offered in a pitcher alongside. A clean, simple, tasty, and ideal coming together of several perfect ingredients.

Colicchio’s Almond Pound Cake is dreamy with or without the equally dreamy pears. Alternatively, you can serve either with caramel ice cream. Or gild the lily and serve all three together.

This is an elegant and grown-up (in the best sense), less-is-more menu I know you’ll love. I look forward to seeing many of you on February 9th.

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